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Trash truck-loving 2-year-old has RAD encounter

Post Date:11/12/2019 11:06 AM

 RAD truck 

For 2-year-old Covin Etue, there’s nothing much better than seeing the garbage truck picking up the trash can outside his home.

“He knows to wait by the window and look and see if they’re coming,” said Covin’s mom, Alicia. “He’ll sit there and wait, and as soon as he hears them, he comes and gets me.”

Right Away Disposal (RAD) truck operator Jeremiah Schultz took notice to his biggest fan waiting for him by the curb each week, so he decided to surprise him one day. Schultz stopped the garbage truck outside of Covin’s house and let him sit inside.

“It gives you a chance to give something to the kid, create a memory, and at the same time, you get that chance to take five minutes out of your day and let them enjoy the truck,” he said. “They like it, they enjoy it, and it kind of makes our day to see them enjoy that.”

The small act made Covin’s day, too. Maybe even his year!

“It was the coolest thing,” he said. “My son got so excited. He was really happy.”


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