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Goodyear Police extends 'No-Shave November' with donations to CTCA HOPE

Post Date:12/03/2019 5:02 PM

A new campaign to provide support to cancer patients and their families is turning No-Shave November into Double-Down December for the Goodyear Police Department -- and you can help!

Goodyear's police officers typically aren't allowed to have beards on the job. But acting chief of police Jimmy Rodriguez allowed his officers to participate in No-Shave November, in order to promote awareness about men's health, including testicular and prostate cancer, as well as mental health.

But Rodriguez has decided to go even further. He will let his officers keep their beards up until the new year, provided they donate to Cancer Treatment Centers of America's HOPE Team.

"We have so many patients who travel from out of state. The HOPE Team aims to provide experiences to help them take their mind off their treatment, although they typically end up bonding with their fellow patients over their cancer journeys," said CTCA spokesperson Marissa Ochoa. "Within the hospital, HOPE Team volunteers often spend much of their time with patients who may be here alone in infusion."

A pair of brothers, Goodyear Police Sergeants Ryan and Regan McCarthy, enjoyed No-Shave November -- photos of Ryan posted on Goodyear Police's Facebook page certainly generated some buzz -- and they're thrilled that they'll be able to keep their beards a bit longer while supporting a terrific cause.

"I've seen nothing but positive remarks," Ryan McCarthy said. "I think the guys enjoy it. I think the girls have had fun participating. But I think all around, it's a good morale booster and something different, and it's something that we get to have fun doing."

"Anything that we can do to bring awareness to men's health, that's absolutely something we look forward to doing and want to help support, and continue going forward with," Regan McCarthy added.

You can support CTCA's HOPE Team by donating here in any Goodyear officer's name.

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