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Mayor Georgia Lord

Post Date:03/01/2019

The city of Goodyear is over 190 square miles of high quality neighborhoods, recreation, valued business partners, beautiful desert and traditional farming, with ample opportunities for development.

As we prepare for, and react to, growth, it is vital that we continue to align with the Goodyear 2025 General Plan. It represents our vision for growth and development, and was created by a citizen’s committee and approved by the voters in November 2014. By state law, the General Plan must be updated every ten years, and our residents and stakeholders will be tasked once again to develop a vision to set forth policies and action items for the approaching decade in just a few short years.

Until the General Plan is revised, I encourage you to review our current vision, and in particular, the land use. Oftentimes there is a common misconception about what control the City Council and I have over private property throughout the city. Much of the development and timing of construction is out of our control. The private property owner has the right to request rezoning, and develop and sell their land as they deem appropriate. However, it is our role to ensure the projects align with the city’s vision and meet our development standards and design guidelines. These standards are driven by the council’s priority of maintaining a high quality community for all of our residents and business partners.

The zoning of the property defines the intended use of the land and a project can be developed without a public approval process, if it aligns with the current zoning. The city of Goodyear strives for transparency and posts the current development applications on the city website along with the staff member working on the application for any questions or input you may have. In addition, the Maricopa County Assessor’s website is a good tool to find zoning information for many parcels in the county.

As we see the shape of our city changing before our eyes with the rapid growth, I am confident that the high quality of development in our city will remain the same. It is an exciting time in Goodyear and I can’t wait to see all the opportunities in our future.

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