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City Manager's Office - Executive Summary

City of Goodyear Strategic Action Plan

The City of Goodyear’s Strategic Action Plan establishes the city’s vision and mission, and also identifies priority focus areas for strategic initiatives that help us define goals and actions for the next three years. 

The City strives to deliver outstanding customer service as we carry out day-to-day services such as public safety and keeping our streets, parks and water safe and clean. We also carry out strategic initiatives – those things that are above and beyond the daily delivery of service that help build a great city and provide an excellent quality of life to our citizens. We have limited resources to do our work (financial and staff resources), and that’s why this plan is so important. It helps guide our decisions about how we spend our time and budgets, and ensures that we are all operating on the same page. The priorities incorporate feedback we receive from citizens from our Citizen Satisfaction Survey, as well as input from the City Council regarding items they hear from the community and our stakeholders. The initiatives also include items from department strategic plans, as well as active partnership opportunities.
The Strategic Action Plan serves as a road map of key strategic initiatives that will best advance the vision for the city and will ensure that Goodyear is poised to capitalize on opportunities.  This plan is a flexible tool to guide and assist with proactive policy development, and the achievements resulting from this plan will be enjoyed by current residents and future generations. 

This document is aligned with many other planning documents used by the city, including departmental plans (which include specific strategic plans, master plans, and operational plans) which guide department priorities and individual employee performance evaluation goals. 

The Strategic Action Plan is a living document, receiving progress updates and reports to the City Council twice per year.  It is also integrated with the annual budget process, and an update of the three-year plan is adopted each year to ensure it reflects current goals and action items that support the city’s priorities.  In addition, many of the items come to the City Council in various work sessions or Council actions for policy discussion, direction or approval. 
The City Strategic Action Plan, and the continual evaluation of our goals and priorities, ensures that we are all working together to accomplish what is important to our citizens and partners, and makes Goodyear a prosperous community today and in the future! 


View the full version of the latest adopted Strategic Action Plan - Click Here


The City of Goodyear will be: 

  • A great place to live, work and raise a family
  • A city with healthy lifestyles and commitment to the environment
  • A growing community that provides quality opportunities and lifestyles
  • We will be known as:
    • A destination place for regional shopping
    • A destination for higher education designed for workforce needs
    • A place for diverse job opportunities and an inventory of industries
    • An incubator for entrepreneurs
    • A hub of arts and culture in the West Valley


The City of Goodyear will provide the finest municipal services and promote a quality environment to enhance our community’s prosperity through citizen and employee participation. We are committed to the stewardship of resources and fulfillment of the public trust. 


The City Council has identified four Strategic Focus Areas for the City’s Strategic Action Plan which provide a roadmap for strategic initiatives.

Four Strategic Focus Areas

strag11. Fiscal and Resource Management 
The City of Goodyear will implement innovative and responsible policies and business practices to effectively manage its fiscal and human resources. The City will maintain a stable financial environment that is transparent and that maintains an outstanding quality of life for our citizens. Business practices will be efficient, business friendly, and ensure exceptional customer service to all stakeholders and citizens.

Goal 1:

Demonstrate fiscal responsibility through establishing financial policies and budgeting practices that accomplish the highest priorities and demonstrates results.

Goal 2:

Reduce the cost of government through implementing business process and other operational efficiencies.

Goal 3:

Implement a human capital plan that allows the City to proactively plan for, maximize, and retain top human resources talent.

Goal 4:

Implement reputable and innovative technology initiatives to support City business processes and encourage private development investment.

Goal 5:

Create and pursue opportunities for collaboration and regional partnerships to maximize resources and address regional issues.


2. Economic Vitality 
The City of Goodyear will seek diverse, high quality, development, and will foster local jobs through the strategic pursuit of industries including renewable energy, engineering, technology, aerospace, medical, manufacturing, and internet fulfillment. Business investment and sustainability will be fostered through streamlined processes, strategic marketing, developing ongoing relationships, and encouraging tourism.

Goal 1:

Streamline the City’s development services to efficiently support local economic development.

Goal 2:

Establish a long-range planning vision that incorporates citizen and stakeholder input to provide a road map for strategic development and budget planning.

Goal 3:

Prioritize and invest in strategic infrastructure construction that supports the City’s economic development vision and goals.

Goal 4:

Focus on strategic economic development pursuits and initiatives that will increase local jobs and create demand for supporting businesses.

Goal 5:

Foster support and retention of local businesses through ongoing engagement and communication to ensure City policies and priorities encourage their long-term success.

Goal 6:

Develop a comprehensive approach to encouraging tourism in Goodyear and the West Valley.

Goal 7: Plan, develop, and maintain safe transportation and mobility options.



strag33. Sense of Community 
The City of Goodyear will provide programs, gathering places, and events where the community can come together to participate in opportunities of learning and recreation. Sustainable relationships with the community will be cultivated through citizen engagement, outstanding customer service, and clear, accessible communication.

Goal 1:

Establish an enhanced higher education presence in the City.

Goal 2:

Create an enhanced connection with neighborhoods throughout the City through focused outreach, strategic utilization of various communication methods, and focusing on outstanding customer service.

Goal 3:

Evaluate additional community programs and events that bring citizens together to foster a sense of community and culture.



strag44. Quality of Life 
The City of Goodyear will implement programs and projects that create a clean, well-maintained, safe, and sustainable environment and that provide citizens with opportunities for an engaged, healthy, and active lifestyle

Goal 1:

Identify public safety business process improvements and innovative programs that ensure a safe community.

Goal 2:

Support initiatives that promote healthy, quality lifestyles for our diverse citizenry.

Goal 3:

Facilitate partnerships with local schools, district leadership, and youth development programs to ensure quality education opportunities for local youth.

Goal 4:

Enhance environmentally-conscious initiatives and city codes that support a clean, well-maintained, sustainable community.