Transparency in Government Spending

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Transparency in Government Spending




It's the goal of the City of Goodyear to provide taxpayer value and we want to make it an open and transparent process. The information available to you will give you an understanding as to how tax dollars are invested to develop and maintain your City projects, programs and services.Our hope is to make this new feature a benefit for you, so please send us your feedback. 


Brian Dalke, City Manager

City of Goodyear



City and Town Budgets - Your Input Matters! 

Every year by mid-July, each of our Arizona cities and towns are required by law to adopt a balanced budget that is open to citizen input and participation.

Every resident can have a voice in deciding what the budget will be spent on and how it will be paid for in the months before it is adopted.




The City is currently developing the budget for Fiscal Year 18-19 (FY19), which will begin on July 1, 2018. There will be a number of work sessions with the City Council between December and May as the budget development process progresses. These work sessions are a great way for you to be informed and weigh in on the priorities and direction for the City for next year.  Highlights of information are posted below, including links to meeting presentations, videos, and minutes. Future meeting agenda items can be found on the Meetings & Agendas section of the city’s website.


October 13, 2017 Council Retreat Session One: Results/Purpose Discussion

October 14, 2017 Council Retreat Session Two: S.M.A.R.T Goals and FY19 Focus Areas

December 18, 2017 Council Work Session: Beginning Balance Update

February 05, 2018: Forecast and Budget Workshop

March 19, 2018: Council Work Session, FY19 Base Budget Review 

April 09, 2018: Council Work Session, Initial Review City Manager's Recommended Budget

April 16, 2018: Council Work Session, 2nd Review City Manager's Recommended Budget

May (TBD), 2018: Budget Open House

May 21, 2018: Tentative Budget Adoption

June 11, 2018: Final Budget Adoption

June 11, 2018: Truth in Taxation Public Hearing

June 25, 2018: Property Tax Levy Adoption

July 10 - August 19: COUNCIL RECESS


Reports & Links

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