Montecito - Special Assessment

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 Montecito Special Assessment Area Map

The Estrella Mountain Ranch Community Facilities District (EMRCFD) issued special assessment lien bonds in 2007 for the Montecito Special Assessment District (MD) for improvements specifically benefiting property in MD.  The special assessment lien bonds are payable solely from amounts collected from the special assessments.  The assessment is a first lien on the property assessed, subject only to general property taxes and prior special assessments.

The MD special assessment is billed and payment collected through the normal Maricopa County property tax process.  The MD special assessment will appear as "Assessment - Montecito" in the special districts section of your property tax statement.

The special assessment lien can be prepaid at anytime and a payment amortization schedule is available upon request.  You can request a payoff quote or payment schedule using our online form.