Why Join Our Team?


We are one of the fastest growing cities in the Valley and quality customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We have developed an atmosphere where employees are respected and appreciated, and an environment that encourages progressive ideas and appreciates individual thinking within a team-oriented culture.

We express this daily by:

  • Insisting each task has a purpose.
  • Encouraging every individual to step up and lead.
  • Expecting our leadership to be positive examples for the City.
  • Demonstrating consistency between our words and our actions.

We asked our employees to write down what they like best about working for the City of Goodyear, and the amount and quality of responses we received was incredible. We thought you might like to hear what a few of them had to say.

Employee Testimonials

This is a tough choice as there are a few reasons why I think the City of Goodyear is the best place to work. If it came down to one, I would have to say teamwork. There are several departments in the City. Few people know everyone in every department. I work in Public Works. The monsoon season of 1996 produced more rainfall in one week than we had seen in several years. Most of the main roads were impassable at three feet deep. Estrella Mountain Ranch alone had lost 131 trees in one night. A lot of our residents were trapped either at home or on their way home from work. All sections of the Public Works Department had worked 47 hours straight. At about 9 p.m. on the third night the storms grew worse. We were exhausted. As five of us with our equipment pulled up to another road to clear, we found two Goodyear Fire companies and three Goodyear PD units cutting up trees with chainsaws, chaining up saguaro’s, directing traffic, and carrying debris off the road. I think we all just stopped in our tracks and stared for several moments. It never crossed our minds that we had “Backup.” Both of these departments had enough going on that night, yet they somehow knew we had our hands full. I don’t think I will ever forget what they did. Teamwork is defined in several different ways. We may wear different hats here, but our goals are the same and for the common good of all. We are The Best of the West.—Anonymous, Public Works

When I first came to the City of Goodyear to apply I was apprehensive about what this "City" work environment might be like. When I entered the building I was met with a warm smile and a friendly atmosphere. It was hard for me to describe how I felt as I went through the interview process, and later six full days of positive reinforcement in the “New Employee Orientation.” I thought about that a great deal, and to sum it up I would call it more like a sense of family. As I met more and more of the employees it became apparent that there was an underlying theme with each; A sense of pride in their work, their City, and a true enthusiasm for their job. Clearly it sounds too good to be true. To date I have met personally over half of the employees and I continue to be in a blissful state of awe.

I think of all the places I have worked, employers I have had, and teams I have worked with, and they pale by comparison. Sounds like a bedtime fairy tale, but one I am both proud and excited to tell you is true in real life at the City of Goodyear. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to join the team, you too will be thrilled with the positive, supportive, and family feeling of working and growing with the City of Goodyear, an employer who cares about you.—Dean Coughenour, Risk Manager

I am so fortunate to be a part of this very special environment. Every day I get to meet and work with the most wonderful, talented, and dedicated people I have ever known. Everyone involved with our City seems to share a clear, common goal. Our City Council, citizens and employees all want to do the best they can to make Goodyear the best it can be! Sure, sometimes we might have differences of opinion on how to make that happen - but the end goal always remains the same. And this I love being a part of.
From the heart—Terri Gann, Executive Assistant

The City of Goodyear was generous enough to give me a chance when I started working part-time as a high school senior through a cooperative education program. They saw potential in me that I had not yet recognized.

In the 12 years that have passed since my first day on the job, I have grown up with the City. The City of Goodyear has given me opportunities to develop and mature. I've been encouraged to take risks, to challenge myself, to continue to raise the bar. I've been given the freedom to implement projects of my own initiative. I've been supported, both with financial and time resources, in my pursuit of higher education. With the City's support, I have achieved my Bachelor's Degree and will be returning to school this fall to earn my Master's Degree.

I have also been encouraged to have fun. As a part of the Summit Team, I've been allowed to make movies and dress up, all to inform and recognize my fellow employees. How many other cities (and City Managers) would let their employees do this, much less join in the fun?

I am continuing to grow, both personally and professionally, in my career at the City. I am excited that the City is growing right along with me and that my future is evolving, one day at a time.—Heather Boucher, Management Assistant

I am proud to be part of a progressive, interesting, challenging organization that enhances my professional advancement and self-esteem.

Goodyear’s Investment in its Employees Program
1. The City of Goodyear provides an environment
2. The Employee brings initiative and skills
3. Together they thrive and provide a healthy return on an investment to the citizens through customer service

Tree/Employee-City carefully chooses employee based on suitability for position
Good Soil/City Environment-City provides a healthy organization, facilities, resources, training and New Employee Orientation program (“ NEO”) for an employee to be planted/work, nourished/trained and grow fruit/increase productivity
Planting of Tree/Placement of Employee-City places employee in place best suited for the City’s needs and employee’s skills set
Proper Doses of Fertilizer/Periodical Training-City offers continuous training, enhancing employee’s base of experience, information and knowledge
Proper Schedule of Watering/Shared Information-Employee is kept informed of changes to City environment/services and professional advancement in an atmosphere of unity and freedom
Root System Flourishes and Stabilizes Tree/Employee Gains Self-Confidence-Employee grows proficient in skills and advances in position, responsibilities and salary
Periodical Pruning/Employee Appraisal and Performance Program-Evaluation of performance levels and guidance to improvement, training and advancement possibilities
New Growth Appears/New Ideas Thrive-City organization flexes with renewed processes/services, benefiting from its investment in an employee program
On a tree, one does not see the root system, but knows it is well rooted by the fruit and new growth. It is true of a Goodyear employee. The hours/money involved in training, rewarding, informing employees may not be readily apparent, but a citizen can see the result of excellent programs and performance through the City’s employees providing customer service. A Goodyear Employee is the City’s first Satisfied Customer—Lloyce Robinson, Administrative Assistant