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Swim Lessons

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The City of Goodyear offers Swim Lessons taught by American Red Cross certified instructors. The program starts at 6 months  of age and requires parent involvement. You can help by providing for your child's safety around water at all times, maintaining enthusiasm and a positive attitude about learning to swim, ensuring your child attends each swim lesson (unless they are sick), discussing and applying water safety rules, and practicing the fundamental skills your child is learning in class. Swim lesson fee per session: $40 ($50 non-residents).

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Please review CDC's recommendations on healthy swimming.

Swim Lesson Class Descriptions:

Parent/Child* (Ages 6 months - 3 yrs.) - Must be accompanied by an adult. Water acclimation class for young children with little or no water experience. Only 1 child per adult. Minimum 6 participants. Max 12.

Preschool 1* (Ages 2 - 5 yrs.) - Prerequisites: For children with little or no formal swimming experience who submerge reluctantly or not at all, and require support when away from the wall. Participants must be able to hang on the wall by themselves. Adult does not participate in this level. Minimum 4 participants. Max 5.

Preschool 2 (Ages 3 - 5 yrs.) - For children with some swim lesson experience and/or are very comfortable in the water. They submerge readily and demonstrate swimming readiness skills (i.e. kicking, bobbing, back float), with some support. Minimum 4 participants. Max 5.

Note: Children ages 3 and under must wear swim diapers while in the pool. Swim diapers are available at the pool for $2.00.

Level 1 - Intro to Water Skills Prerequisites: Ages 4-6+. Must be able to enter and exit the water safely, move along the wall 5 yards, bob 5 times, and float on back for 2 seconds; all with assistance. Minimum 4 participants. Max 6.

*Objectives for the above classes are: water safety knowledge and practices, aquatic adjustment and swimming readiness skills, fun, enjoyment in the water, and participant socialization. 

Level 2 - Fundamental Aquatic Skills Prerequisites: Ages 6+. Must be able to do the following skills unassisted: enter and exit the water safely, move along the wall 5 yards, bob 5 times. Must be able to glide on front 10 yards, roll onto back and float for 3 seconds, then recover to a vertical position. Minimum 4 participants. Max 6.

 Level 3 - Stroke Development Prerequisites: Ages 6+. Children must be able to step into chest deep water, roll onto back and float 5 seconds then recover to a vertical position, push off wall and swim a combined stroke (arms and legs) for 15 yards, roll onto back and float 15 seconds, roll over and continue swimming on front. Minimum 6 participants. Max 8.

 Level 4 - Stroke Improvement Prerequisites: Ages 6+. Children must be able to jump into chest deep water, swim front crawl for 25 yards using rhythmic breathing, and maintain position by treading or floating for 30 seconds, then backstroke for 15 yards. Minimum 6 participants. Max 10.

 Level 5 - Stroke Refinement Prerequisites: Ages 8+. Children must be able to do a feet-first entry into chest deep water, surface and swim front crawl for 50 yards, change direction and position and swim  backstroke for 25 yards, swim breaststroke 25 yards, change direction and position. Minimum 6 participants. Max 12.

Swim Lesson Sessions:

Registration for each class takes place one week prior to each new session beginning with Goodyear residents registering on Monday and Tuesday; Non-residents on Wednesday. Registration ends on the Thursday prior to each new session. Check back in 2018 for class schedules and times. 


At the end of each session, instructors will issue your child a certificate of participation. On the back of the certificate will be a list of skills and benchmarks skills. The instructor will document the participant's progress throughout the session and let you know if/when your child is ready to move up to the next level. Parents please discuss your child's progress before registering for the next session. The safety and swim benchmark must be successfully completed before moving on.


No refunds, changes or transfers will be made 3 days prior to the 1st class of each session.  Make-ups will not be issued for absences (due to illness, vacation, etc.) or pool closures (due to weather or any unsafe condition caused by swimmers).


All classes will take place at the Goodyear Community Pool:  420 E. Loma Linda Blvd, Goodyear, AZ 85338

Classes will be canceled the Friday prior to the start of class if minimum enrollment is not met.

  • The Pool Manager reserves the right to add, change, combine and omit classes as needed.
  • The Pool Manager reserves the right to place children in their appropriate class levels.
  • Parents who register their children in the wrong lesson will not be permitted to change classes if space is not available.
  • In the event that lessons are canceled due to weather or other uncontrollable circumstance, classes cannot be made up or refunded.
  • Class schedules are subject to change.
  • Classes will not be overbooked for safety reasons.
  • Parents must remain in the designated observation area during lessons, unless you are registered in the Parent/Child class.
  • Observation areas are at the bleachers on the north side pool area.
  • Swim diapers are mandatory for children ages 3 and under. Diapers are available for $2.00 at the pool office.

Recreation Office - 3075 N Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85395           
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm
Phone : 623-882-7525 



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