Arts & Culture Commission

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Arts & Culture Commission

The Goodyear Arts & Culture Commission provides leadership in developing a community identity through the arts that embraces, celebrates and unites all of our diverse histories, beliefs, cultures, and aspirations. 

The Commission makes recommendations to Council with the goal of creating public dialogue, advancing education, and inspiring civic pride with the arts. These goals are accomplished by developing and promoting artistic excellence through Public Art that reflects our community’s identity and values, creating exciting and economically viable Arts Events, providing Advocacy for the arts in the private and public sector, developing opportunities for Local and Emerging Artists and ensuring our children attain greater academic achievement through Arts Education.

The City of Goodyear is accepting applications for the Goodyear Arts & Culture Commission. The Commission advises City Council and staff on policies related to public art projects and advocates for the arts in Goodyear. The Commission is very active in coordinating and supporting many functions and activities that promote the Arts. To be considered for the Goodyear Arts and Culture Commission, submit a Boards and Commission Application form no later than October 20th for consideration.

 The Commission is comprised of nine Goodyear residents, one alternate, and one Ex-Officio member.  Commissioners are appointed by Council and serve for a three-year term with a two-term limit.

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Commissioner Biographies:

Kali Canedo

  Canedo HeadshotF

Biography:  Kali Canedo is currently an art student at Arizona State University. Being an artist and having grown up in Goodyear, she is very passionate about the development of the arts and culture in her community. For her, being on the Arts and Culture Commission is about highlighting the diversity and talents of Goodyear residents as well as inspiring and cultivating a new generation of artists.

Ingrid T. Coyle


Biography: Ingrid T. Coyle, MBA, PhDcandidate in Behavioral Psychology is the owner of AZ Dynasty All Star Cheer, Gymnastics, and Dance LLC in Goodyear. She has lived in Goodyear for over 4 years. Ingridhaveover 20 years in visual arts and performing arts winning several awards in modern dance solo competitions. Volunteering on the City of Goodyear Art and Culture Commission will be a great opportunity to develop and contribute to the growing diverse talent of the Goodyear residents.

Melinda Donovan

  Donovan Headshotf

Biography:  With a degree in music and a background in the performing arts, as well as currently being a docent at the Phoenix Art Museum, I want to see all forms of arts and culture for all ages continue to expand in Goodyear where I have resided for fourteen years.  I believe an introduction to the arts can enrich every person’s life.

Brian Driscoll

 Driscoll Headshotf

Biography:  I have been involved with the arts ever since I saw my father in “Death of a Salesman” when I was 6 years old. I feel the arts are most important to the youth in the Goodyear area, to help create well rounded, responsible and creative citizens; and the elder generation, to keep us involved and active,

Laura Kaino

  Kaino Headshotf

Biography:  As a volunteer commissioner, I am able to contribute to the enrichment and vitality of our community through creative and multi-faceted expressions of the arts.  It’s important to me to engage the generations, connect people together, and develop Goodyear as a cultural destination.

Rex Lambert

  Lambert GACC Bio 2016

Biography:  As a writer in the Arizona Commission on the Arts and Humanities “Poets in the Schools” program and a non-singing actor with Arizona Opera and Phoenix Opera, I have experienced the value and need for public support for the arts. I believe that the arts nourish the soul just as food nourishes the body, and that government has a small but vital role to play in their support. The recent film, “The Monuments Men,” illustrates that the arts are so valuable to our civilization that our country would risk men’s lives to preserve them.

Dr. Kyann McMillie


Biography:  I have been an educator for many years and over that time I have witnessed the importance of art education. The Goodyear Arts Commission is dedicated to providing great art events for all Goodyear citizens, but has also focused on art activities for our youth.

Bernadette Mills

  Mills Headshot

Biography: The Goodyear Arts and Culture Division has done great things in the arts for the citizens of Goodyear and has contributed greatly to enriching the quality of life in the West Valley.  From public art to festivals and arts education to exhibits, the City of Goodyear is a great supporter of the arts, and I’m proud to contribute my time to further their goals.

Karen Olson

  Olson Headshot

Biography: The Arts Commission for the city of Goodyear adds an additional dimension to the city, embracing a variety of venues of creativity, talents and skills of Goodyear citizens.  Various ways of showcasing this throughout the year as well as providing educational opportunities for a variety of groups is an extra added benefit.  I enjoy meeting the variety of individuals and appreciate their passion for the arts and excitement for future growth in area of Goodyear’s arts and cultures.  

Joanna Szydlo Moore


Dr. Joanna Szydlo-Moore has been a Goodyear resident for over 15 years. She is an educator teaching future executives Aerospace Management, Market Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Global Economics at universities in the USA, Japan, Poland, and Turkey. Her love of the arts started at an early age.  She attended eight years of music school learning to play piano, guitar and singing in a choir as a soprano. Her fascination with the arts is part of her daily life and she enjoys sharing her international experiences with her community.