Storyrise: Workshop and Spoken Word Concert

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An Experience of Modern Storytelling for Adult Audiences

Modern Spoken Word for Adult Audiences!

Goodyear Branch Library 
14455 W. Van Buren Street
Goodyear, AZ 85338

Time: 6-8:45 p.m.

Download StoryRise Flyer here. 

November 1, Show Theme: Suprise! 

Workshop: Finding your Stories presented by Glenda Bonin
Ancestors, Artifacts, Addresses, and Audiences: The Quest for Personal Stories
If you want to learn how to discover, create, and deliver interesting personal stories, this workshop is for you! Most of us think we don't have any personal stories worth telling, but in reality, we all have a wealth of hidden stories just waiting to be found. In this workshop, participants will learn a few successful methods to help identify and explore a story worth telling. 

December 6, Show Theme: Light and Flame

Workshop: How to be On Stage and Not Blow It presented by Sean Buvala
What is stage presence? Why do I need to know anything about it? Oh, wait, the audience can’t even hear me? We will together take you through all the basics about how to speak (regardless of your content) and own the stage and not be overpowering to the audience. Come to learn what you don’t know about how to be relaxed no matter how nervous you are. We’re gonna practice, too. Outdoor Concert tellers include Harriet Cole, Karen Fincher, Sean Buvala, and others.

January 3, Show Theme: Turn the Page
Workshop: Exploring the Abstract through Concrete Pottic Detail presented by Tomas J. Stanton
In this workshop, participants will learn to express the abstract (Love, Faith, Fear, Joy) through concrete imagery and poetic devices. In addition, we will explore how poetry and narrative structure connect to create poetic narratives. Outdoor Concert tellers include Tomás J. Stanton, Mark Goldman, Sean Buvala and others.

Learn more about Storytellers, Artists, Presenters, and Facilitators on the StoryRise Website.