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Executive Board Members

The Wellspring Park Partnership will be governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be comprised of two member types:  Executive Board (voting members) and Advisory Board (non-voting members).  The Executive Board is accountable for governance and performance of the Wellspring Park Partnership and to ensure the city’s land use interests and legal mandates are protected.  The Advisory Board is accountable for monitoring and assessing performance, providing guidance and sharing expertise, enabling Goodyear Community Health Park Partnership to fulfill its purpose and achieve its objectives.  

Peter Egyed, Chairman, CrossFit Fury
Avein Tafoya, Secretary, Adelante Healthcare
Jordan Leondard, Treasurer, Community Physican
Mike Faith, Faith Law Group
Julie Arendall, City of Goodyear
Alain Swain, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Christina Oh, Abrazo West Campus
Jerry Wilson, Goodyear Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission
Mike Nolan, Executive Director
Jezel Bow, Marketing Coordinator
Mark Sidell, Sidell & Company
Brian Dalke, Community Leader