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Goodyear is Storing Water for the Future



What:  The City of Goodyear is constructing four vadose zone injection wells.

Where:  The wells are located in the right-of-way along the east side of Estrella Parkway between Yuma and Van Buren. 

Why:  The City is obligated by State law to replenish the groundwater pumped from our wells.  This means that for each gallon pumped the City must put one gallon back in the groundwater aquifer.  

How:  One mechanism to accomplish the requirement is to recharge the City’s reclaimed water supply.  Wastewater treated at the 157th Avenue Water Reclamation Facility is cleaned to Class A+ standards.  Currently, the reclaimed water is piped north along Estrella Parkway and is discharged to five large basins at the Soil Aquifer Treatment (SAT) site.  The water soaks into the ground providing further treatment or polishing of the water.   It is stored in the groundwater aquifer and available to be recovered/pumped from the City’s wells.  Once the vadose zone well project is complete, reclaimed water can also be discharged to the wells and stored.  The vadose zone wells require a much smaller footprint than the large basins and will allow for more reclaimed water to be stored to not only meet our replenishment obligations but to provide additional water supplies for the future and during times of drought. 

When:  Construction is scheduled to be completed January 2017.  Please anticipate lane restrictions during that time. 

Thank you for your patience!