Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are frequently asked questions in regards to our service provider change, effective July 1st, 2019. 


Will my day/time change?

Most residents will not notice any change to their service day. Residents who are affected have received a yellow door hanger and/or have been notified by their HOA. Residents may also use the New Solid Waste Day Finder to determine their day, if they are unsure.

Pick-up times may change and may vary week-to-week. Service times are subject to change at any time, most often due to unforeseen reasons and/or necessary route changes. Bins should be placed out no later than 6:00 am on scheduled service days.

Will my rates change?

No. Rates will remain the same at least until July 1, 2020. 

Will my billing change? Do I need to set up an account with the new service provider?

No, no action is required. Residents will continue to be billed on their monthly City of Goodyear bill. For questions about billing, residents should contact Customer Service at 623-882-7887.

Will I get new trash or recycle bins?

No, trash and recycle bins are provided by and property of City of Goodyear.

If bins are damaged, residents may Report A Problem to initiate a service order. Scroll to choose Trash & Recycling, then Container Request. Fill out the form and click Submit.

Will the holiday schedule change?

Yes, we will only observe July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. If your service day falls on one of the listed holidays, then you will receive service the following day. The rest of the week following the holiday is also pushed back one day, with Friday’s customers being serviced on Saturday.

Will my Bulk Pick Up Day change?

There will be no change to bulk services, except fewer holidays observed - effective July 1st, 2019, only the four holidays listed above will be observed.

What should I do if my curbside pick up was missed?

It's important that bins be placed curbside, with lids completely closed, the night before or no later than 6:00 am on the scheduled collection day to help ensure timely pickup.

If a resident's curbside was missed, it is possible that it is a result of late placement, overfilled bin/ajar lid, or other issues. For best service and to request a courtesy recovery, the resident is advised to correct any issues (such as ensuring lid is completely closed or removing unauthorized items) and then Report A Problem here. Alternatively, residents may call the Customer Service department at 623-882-7887 to report a problem.

If there are no known issues, as described above, please allow until 6:00 pm for pick up to occur, before reporting a concern.