The Persons Crime Unit is supervised by Sergeant James Dougal and is responsible for investigating the
following types of crimes:

  • Aggravated assaults and assaults that are non‐domestic crimes related
  • Assaults
  • Child Protective Service Referrals
  • Elderly Abuse 
  • Child-related crimes to include child sex crimes and abuse
  • Criminal investigations involving any and all law enforcement personnel shootings occurring within the city of Goodyear
  • Criminal investigations regarding all in custody deaths (by any and all law enforcement agencies) occurring within the city of Goodyear
  • Domestic Crimes against person’s cases 
  • Extortion
  • Homicide
  • Kidnapping
  • Missing person’s cases where foul play is suspected (i.e. Amber Alerts)
  • Robbery
  • Sex-related crimes 
  • Suicides, work‐related deaths and any other death that is suspicious in nature but not reported as a homicide