Housed within the Specialized Patrol Division, the Traffic Unit is lead by a sergeant, six officers and traffic impound specialist. Three of the officers work in specially designed aggressive driver vehicles to blend in with traffic, and three officers utilize police motorcycles. All Officers in the unit are highly trained in their craft and several are Drug Recognition Experts (DRE), who seek‐out drivers impaired by not only alcohol, but seven additional categories of drugs.

The ultimate goal of traffic law enforcement is to reduce the number of traffic collisions and impaired drivers on the road. 

The Goodyear Police Department uses the Victory police motorcycles for the traffic unit.  The Victory police motorcycles are one of, if not the safest motorcycles currently manufactured for police work. Goodyear Police Department is proud to be the first Law Enforcement agency in Maricopa County to utilize these “state of the art” Victory Motorcycles. 

The Victory motorcycles are equipped many advanced safety features designed especially with Law Enforcement in mind.  Some of the safety features include:

• Forged steel crash bars, designed to not only protect the rider in case the bike goes down, but also to protect the bike from damage 

• Full-length steel skid plate under the motorcycle.  The function of the skid plate is to protect the engine of the motorcycle, but also allows the officer to jump curbs, ride up and down stairs and over objects that would normally cause damage

• Advanced firearm protection

• High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlights for better visibility

• Pursuit Pipes, thus the term, “loud pipes save lives,” was coined

• Natural seating position and back rests designed to support the rider, allowing for far less fatigue

• The design includes the black and white theme, like the rest of the Goodyear Police fleet.  Studies have shown that this color scheme is more noticeable by citizens

• The Victory bikes come with superior cost-saving warranty benefits