water conservation 

Our Water

Water is a vital resource. Without it, we cannot survive, anywhere. Here in the desert both the need to have water and its scarcity are obvious. The ways we use water in our own lives and the decisions we make together about preferred water uses, acceptable water quality, and how much we are willing to pay for water will define the quality of life in this arid community forever. The way we manage our water will determine our future.

Learn how to make your yard water efficient all year round. Attend free City of Goodyear landscaping classes. Look for tips, articles and information in Goodyear's citizen newletter InFOCUS, including back issues available here. Subscribe to the Works. Talk to your neighbors, see what they're doing. Get informed and get involved. It’s our water and our future.We own it.

The H2Ownit Landscape Awards Competition has Begun!

Single family households use half of all the water that is delivered to City water customers. Fifty to sixty per cent of that water is used outdoors. Making sure that every drop used outside contributes to the health and attractiveness of the yard and its amenities benefits all of us.

The H2Ownit Landscape Awards will recognize attractive water efficient landscapes in Goodyear. Find all the details on how your yard can win, and you can win FREE water for a year by clicking here!