What is G.A.I.N.?

Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods


G.A.I.N. stands for Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods. The G.A.I.N. event is held statewide in most Arizona cities and towns during the month of October. This event provides a great opportunity for residents to meet one another and build relationships with City officials, City staff and community leaders, while promoting public safety awareness and improving communications.




The City of Goodyear's goal for G.A.I.N. is to strengthen communities by encouraging neighbors to meet each other. We also promote safer neighborhoods by increasing crime prevention and safety awareness. Neighborhood Services joins forces with other City departments and partners with the G.A.I.N. Committee to present a fun event for everyone.


gain2Join our planning committee and meet other residents and City staff as we work together to build a safer community. Goodyear is a community of neighborhoods, so make sure your neighborhood is represented! Consider helping your community by volunteering for this FANTASTIC and FUN event.



For more information on the next G.A.I.N. Event in Goodyear, or to be a part of the G.A.I.N. Committee, please call Neighborhood Services at 623-882-7812.

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