Service Start-up


Utility Service Start-Up


Residents South of I-10 
 Services Required:  Fees:
 Water  $50 Non-Refundable Activation Fee
 Sewer  $200 Refundable Deposit*
 Sanitation  $50 Same-Day Activation Fee**
Residents North of I-10
Services Required: Fees: 
If Sanitation ONLY $50 Non-Refundable Activation Fee
Canada Village and Sedella $50 Non-refundable Activation Fee
$200 Refundable Deposit*
For Water/Sewer service, contact Liberty Utilities (formerly Litchfield Park Service Co. - LPSCO) at 623-935-9367.  Sanitation services required regardless of occupancy.

Renters Only: A copy of your lease is required along with Property Owner/Landlord mailing address and         phone number. Your Lease can be faxed to 623-932-3003.
Owners Only: Escrow Number and Name of Title Company

 *You will be contacted by a customer service representative to obtain a method of payment and your social security number(s). Any other required documentation can be faxed to 623-932-3003 or you may email it to . Until that information is received we will be unable to process your request and your application will be considered incomplete.

*Deposit will be applied towards final bill. Any unused portion of deposit once account is closed will be refunded to customer. Unless you have chosen to pay the same day activation fee, allow three (3) business days from date of submission and all the required information has been received for service to begin.

**Same-Day Activation requests must be submitted by 3PM on the date requested.

The deposit may be waived if a Letter of Credit is received from another utility showing no late payments or delinquencies for a 12 month period within the last 18 months. If you are a current Goodyear Utility Customer the deposit can be waived if your payment history shows no late payments or delinquencies for a 12 month period within the last 18 months.  Your letter of credit can be faxed to 623-932-3003.

To Activate Your Account 

Please read and review the Utility Welcome Letter to ensure you have all the correct documents in order to set up your account. Then, complete the online Utility Application. The City of Goodyear allows its customers to choose from three sizes of containers for both trash and recycling. We offer 95-gallon, 65-gallon and 35-gallon containers. The monthly fee is the same regardless of which container size is chosen. To view container sizes click here. Only those applications that are properly completed will be accepted. To request an application by mail, please call the Finance Department at 623-882-7887.

If you are renting your residence, a signed copy of your rental agreement is required prior to service activation. If you purchased the property, a copy of your closing document showing escrow number, closing date and title company name is required prior to service activation.

If you would like to sign up for service in person, please visit us at 190 N. Litchfield Road, on the southwest corner of Litchfield and Van Buren.


Account Changes?

Did your name change? Did your billing address change? Need to add another person to the account? Then please complete a Utility Change Form.