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H2Ownit Landscape Awards Entry Form

  1. Entry materials will not be returned and submitted photos may be published. A representative of the City of Goodyear or Liberty Water may photograph and publish pictures of front yards of winning projects without prior notification of owner.

  2. In order to recognize the contribution of skilled landscape firms and self-reliant gardeners to Goodyear’s water efficiency, please provide the following information.

  3. Provide a list of either common names or botanical names of the trees, shrubs, herbs, grass and other plants on the property.

  4. Judges will use the photos, description, plant list and water efficiency to determine which properties will be evaluated further. Therefore, please use our photo tips to assure that your property has the best chance of being deemed qualified for further attention. If you prefer to submit hard copies of the photos, please have them professionally printed at least at 5" x 7". Include photos of only those areas watered with City of Goodyear or Liberty Water. Flood irrigated sections of property are ineligible.

  5. Incomplete applications will not be judged. Property will be ineligible for reconsideration for the next three quarters.

  6. Application may be submitted by mail, in person or electronically. Because quality of photos will be best retained when submitted electronically, applicants are encouraged to submit their applications online or by email.

  7. H2Ownit Landscape Award, Water Resources Office, City of Goodyear P. O. Box 5100 Goodyear, AZ 85338

  8. H2Ownit Landscape Award, Water Resources Office 4980 S. 157th Avenue (behind the BMX and Dog Park at Roeser Road and Estrella Parkway) Hours 7-4 M-F


  10. Call 623-882-7506

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