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Council Corner

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Mayor Georgia Lord

Post Date:09/01/2019

Our city is growing faster than ever before. You’ve likely seen new construction on almost every corner of the city.

These projects vary from private development to our city-led projects. Our community is evolving with each turn of dirt and I am proud of the progress the city has made in such a short period.

Over the last twelve months, the growth in our population and the number of new businesses calling Goodyear home has increased significantly. Together, we help to generate sales tax and state-shared revenue by shopping locally and investing in our community. These funding sources support the General Fund budget. Those dollars help to assure our city services, like police and fire, remain at the quality we are used to and are equipped to adapt to growth.

This InFocus issue is one of my favorites, as it’s an opportunity for us to provide you with some of the highlights from the budget approved this summer. We continue to invest in the city by moving forward with important capital improvements and we are eager for these projects to begin construction this fiscal year.

As we invest in our community, we must also invest and support the dedicated team at the city of Goodyear. With each project, comes hundreds of staff hours to make it happen. By adding new full-time positions, we will continue to provide exceptional customer service and ensure projects remain on schedule. It is amazing that our ratio of positions per 1,000 residents remains at 7.76 which is below the pre-recession peak of 9.0. Goodyear continues to make it a priority to work smart and efficiently, each day.

I am proud to represent our entire community and to deliver responsible stewardship of your tax dollars so you can continue to enjoy a high-quality life in Goodyear.

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