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Goodyear students team with PebbleCreek Rotary Club to collect food for needy

Post Date:05/29/2020 4:25 PM


The coronavirus may have altered plans to gather food for the needy, but it didn’t limit the generous spirit of residents, including youngsters, throughout the city of Goodyear.

Earlier this month, the Rotary Club of Goodyear PebbleCreek and PebbleCreek’s Kare Bears club teamed with students from six schools to collect canned food for the Agua Fria Food and Clothing Bank. But with schools shut down due to COVID-19, creativity was required in order to meet those fundraising goals.

“We were originally going to partner with our local schools to do canned food drives at the schools in partnership with the rotary club, but then, the quarantine arrived, and we were trying to keep kids safe and at home,” said Shelly Hornback, director of community operations for Litchfield Elementary School District. “So, we called on children throughout the community individually to participate within their neighborhoods.”

Hornback reached out to eight kids in Goodyear who are known for going above and beyond in their communities, including Millie Moran and her little brother Monty.

“It’s always needed, but it’s needed especially (now), and it was a good way to help in my community,” said Millie Moran, a Millennium High School student. “It was a good way to reach out and help those in need.”

The Morans distributed small posters throughout their neighborhood that asked Goodyear residents to drop off any canned food they can spare at the Moran residents.

They were thrilled to see the results.

“We weren’t expecting as many donations, and we got so much food,” she said. “It was really surprising to see that, during this time, people were willing to pitch in so much more than we expected.”

In fact, the children who participated in the food drive helped raise over 1,000 pounds of food, roughly one quarter of the total amount raised during the rotary club’s week-long drive. Altogether, the drive brought in 4,500 pounds of food and $3,100 for the food bank.

It’s just another example of Goodyear residents stepping up to help in a time of need.

“Our students are really good about pitching in and contributing to the community all the time, but we suspected that they were really going to come through at this time when our community is in crisis,” Hornback said. “We’re so proud of all the kids who pitched in, and really thankful for their leadership.”

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