Home Based Business

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Home Business Registration

Zoning Regulations


Home Business - Occupation or professional carried on by members of a family, residing on the premises, clearly incidental to the use of a structure for dwelling purposes, and which does not change the exterior character of premises. 

A home-based business shall be conducted entirely and unobtrusively within the principal residence, in no case occupying more than twenty-five (25) percent of the living area; and shall not generate pedestrian or vehicular traffic beyond the normal to the district in which it is located. 

  1. There shall be no signs, buildings or structures other than those permitted in the district. The occupation or profession shall not be advertised visually or by mass media.  
  2. There shall be no use of materials or mechanical equipment not recognized as being part of normal household or hobby use.  
  3. Home business may include the use of a premise by professional persons for consultation or emergency treatment, but not for general practice of a profession.  
  4. No offensive noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odors, heat, or glare, shall be produced or caused by the business or the nature of the business.  
  5. Activity shall be limited to the hours between 7:00am and 10:00pm.  
  6. A “home occupation” shall not include, among others, the following:
    • Auto or appliance repair
    • Barbershops and beauty parlors
    • Commercial stables
    • Direct sales
    • Veterinary offices, hospitals and kennels
    • Real estate offices
    • Restaurants
    • Cabinet maker or furniture making 

All home businesses are subject to registration and annual renewal with the City of Goodyear.

If you have questions on the appropriateness of any home-based business, please contact the Development Services Office at 623-932-3005.