Beginning April 1, all city buildings will be closed to the public; however, the city will maintain essential city services; to learn more click HERE. To view our Coronavirus webpages with Online City Services, Community Resources, Business Assistance and News click HERE.

Boards, Commissions & Ad Hoc Committees

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As of April 1, 2020 all city buildings are closed.  Members of the City Clerk’s office are working diligently, but remotely, to ensure residents experience minimal impact.  The office is available to accept filings, legal service of process or any other documents.  Electronic processes will be utilized to the greatest extent possible.  Please contact the City Clerk at 623-882-7828 or for information regarding filings with the city of Goodyear. 

Existing Boards, Commissions & Committees

Boards, commissions and ad hoc committees are made up of Goodyear residents and formed as advisory groups to the City Council. Members of these groups are all volunteers and are appointed by the City Council. Depending upon the purpose, stakeholders who are not Goodyear residents may periodically be named to an advisory group. Boards and commissions are permanent groups whose members usually have terms limits and rotate off. 

Ad hoc committees are one-time committees with a limited duration (usually a maximum of about one year) that are formed to study a specific issue and make recommendations to Council. Ad hoc committee members are appointed to serve for the entire duration of the committee. Examples of past ad hoc committees are:  Taxation Committee, General Plan Advisory Committee, City Center Technical Advisory Committee, Public Safety Citizen's Advisory Committee, and the Sanitation Committee.

Once appointed, the time commitment for each board/commission/committee varies. Some meet on a regular schedule, others on an as needed basis. Preparation for some meetings may require additional time obligations. Once committed, members are expected to attend all regularly scheduled meetings.

Listed is a brief description of Goodyear's current citizen advisory groups:


Arts and Culture Commission

Guides the city's Public Art Program and makes recommendations regarding projects and policy to the City Council and Staff. This volunteer commission is committed to identifying and developing a common artistic and cultural personality for Goodyear that embraces, celebrates and unites all of our diverse histories, beliefs, cultures and aspirations. 

TERM:  Three years
MEETS:  Bi-monthly and as needed
MEMBERSHIP:  11 (Nine voting members, one alternate member and one ex-officio member from the West Valley Arts Council)  

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Board of Adjustment

Provides an important quasi-judicial function within the city by hearing and deciding on variances from the terms of the Zoning Ordinance, and appeals from decisions of the Zoning Administrator. 

TERM:  Three years
MEETS:  Annually and as needed

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Council Compensation Committee

Serves as an advisory body to the City Council and makes recommendations regarding Mayor, Vice Mayor and Council salaries and benefit packages.

TERM:  Four years (initial terms shall be staggered, two-, four-year terms)
MEETS:  As needed
MEMBERSHIP: Six (Five voting members and one ex-officio member:  Human Resources Director) 



Fire/Building/Code Enforcement Appeals Board

Allows property owners, design professionals, and contractors due process and to be able to appeal the technical interpretation of a city fire, building, or code compliance official to increase the ability to conduct fair consistent, and uniform enforcement of the city's construction, fire and property maintenance codes. 

TERM:  Five years 
MEETS:  As needed

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*The Board’s membership shall include at least one individual from each of the following professions or discipline:

1. Registered design professional who is a registered architect; or a builder or superintendent of building construction with at least 10 years’ experience, 5 years of which shall have been in responsible charge of work.

2. Registered design professional with structural engineering or architectural experience.

3. Registered design professional with mechanical and plumbing engineering experience; or a mechanical and plumbing contractor with at least 10 years’ experience, 5 years of which shall have been in responsible charge of work.

4. Registered design professional with electrical engineering experience; or an electrical contractor with at least 10 years’ experience, 5 years of which shall have been in responsible charge of work.

5. Registered design professional with fire protection engineering experience; or a fire protection contractor with at least 10 years’ experience, 5 years of which shall have been in responsible charge of work.


Goodyear Volunteer and Reserve Firefighter Retirement Trust

Administers the retirement plan for the volunteer firefighters.

TERM:  Staggered, one-, two- and three-year terms 
MEETS:  Annually and as needed
MEMBERSHIP:  Three (The Board of Trustees consists of participants in the retirement trust) 

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Industrial Development Authority Board

Created to promote industry and develop trade in the greater Goodyear area, to stimulate and encourage the production, development and use of agricultural products and natural resources, to assist financially and otherwise in the rehabilitation, expansion and development of all kinds of businesses and industries which will promote and assure job opportunities. The board issues bonds to businesses to finance projects either through public or private offering.

TERM:  Six years 
MEETS:  Annually and as needed

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*Members also serve concurrently on the Public Improvement Corporation board.


Judicial Advisory Committee

Serves as an advisory body to the City Council and makes recommendations regarding judicial appointments and re-appointments, develops performance review criteria, conducts performance review surveys, and provides performance review feedback.

TERM:  Two years (Initial terms shall be staggered, one-, three-year terms)
MEETS:  As needed
MEMBERSHIP:  Nine* (Seven voting members and two ex-officio members: the Goodyear Presiding Judge, the Human Resources Director) 


*The Committee's membership shall consist of the following:

  1.   Two Presiding Judges
  2.  Two members of the Arizona Bar Association; preferably city of Goodyear residents
  3.  Three citizen members
  4.  Goodyear Presiding Judge
  5.  Human Resources Director


Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission

Makes recommendations regarding planning, budgeting, land acquisition, facility safety, facility operations, promotion of recreation programs, and the design of new parks.

TERM:  Four years 
MEETS:  Monthly and as needed
MEMBERSHIP:  10 (Seven voting members and three ex-officio members: the City Manager, the Parks and Recreation Director and a Youth Commissioner) 

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Planning and Zoning Commission

Serves as an advisory body to the City Council on proposed development, Zoning Ordinance amendments, conditional/special use permits and other development-related matters. State law requires cities and towns to establish a planning commission as an advisory committee to the governing body.

TERM:  Three years 
MEETS:  Monthly and as needed

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Public Improvement Corporation

Aids the City of Goodyear in financing municipal facilities at no profit to itself, meets annually and as needed.

TERM:  Three years 
MEETS:  Annually and as needed

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*Members also serve concurrently on the Industrial Development Authority board.


Public Safety Personnel Retirement Board (Police and Fire)

Local pension board which administers the retirement plan for city of Goodyear Police and Fire employees.

TERM:  Four years 
MEETS:  As needed
MEMBERSHIP:  Five (The Mayor or their designee, two citizen members and two elected by sworn employees of the Police and Fire Departments) 

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Rate Review Committee

The current rate plan for water and wastewater was approved by Council on October 26, 2015, and was effective January 1, 2016 with a final rate increase scheduled for January 1, 2020.

The City is currently working on the review of water, wastewater, and solid waste rates; as well as identifying the need to develop a rate of the operation and maintenance of the storm water system.  The process will benefit from the input of an advisory ad hoc committee of citizens.  The committee will assist staff with developing priorities associated with all operational and capital needs for these utilities.

TERM:  Six to eight months, but not more than one (1) year 
MEETS:  Monthly and as needed

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Self-Insured Healthcare Trust Board

Created to administer the Trust Fund established for the purpose of direct payment of healthcare benefits for the city’s self-funded benefit plans.

TERM:  Three years 
MEETS:  As needed
MEMBERSHIP:  Five (Four citizen members and one ex-officio member, the city's Finance Director) 

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Youth Commission

Provides a venue for students to develop leadership skills through involvement in city government and creates a format for students to advise the City Council and staff on a variety of youth-related issues, such as youth programming, recreation opportunities, and special events. High school students (Grades 9-12) are eligible to apply/participate. Students may also apply during the summer between 8th and 9th grades.

TERM:  Two years 
MEETS:  Monthly and as needed
MEMBERSHIP:  9-20 voting members and one alternate member 

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