Dust Control

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Leaf Blowers

Leaf Blower Retailers: Code requires any person who rents or sells leaf blowers to provide the buyer or renter with instructional printed materials approved by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).

Landscape Contractors: Code requires any person operating a leaf blower for compensation to successfully complete dust minimization training approved by ADEQ.

Use of Leaf Blowers:

  • Code prohibits blowing landscape debris (grass clippings, leaves, etc.) into public roadways.
  • Code prohibits using leaf blowers on bare soil. They can be used on stabilized surfaces such as: concrete, asphalt, grass, gravel and finished landscape.
  • Code prohibits City employees and/or contractors from operating leaf blowers (except in vacuum mode) on High Pollution Advisory Days.
  • Violations are a Class 3 misdemeanor, carrying fines of up to $500, one-year probation and imprisonment of up to 30 days.

ATV Usage

Code requires any person who rents or sells (in the normal course of business) off-highway vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, or off-road recreational motor vehicles to provide the buyer or renter with printed materials approved by ADEQ.


Goodyear City Code prohibits vehicle operation on an unpaved surface that is not a public road, private street or lawful easement. This includes vehicles such as: Off-highway vehicles (OHVs), Off-road recreational motor vehicles (ORRMVs) and All-terrain vehicles (ATVs). Code prohibits ATV use on any unpaved surface on High Pollution Advisory Days.

To report a possible code violation, please contact Code Compliance Office at 623-882-7815.