Vehicle Parking

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Parking on Unpaved Surfaces

The City requires vehicles be parked on paved driveways or parking lots - not on grass, rock or dirt.   Parking on anything other than asphalt, concrete or masonry could constitute a violation of the city's Fugitive Dust Control Ordinance. Additionally, Goodyear has also adopted parking regulations in the Zoning Ordinance.

Residential lots are required to have paved driveways and parking spaces for vehicles. No vehicle can be parked in a front yard, except on an authorized driveway. Parking will not be allowed on both sides of the house.

Code also prohibits vehicle parking (including vehicles for sale) on dirt shoulders, vacant lots, or block corners. Property owners may not allow vehicles to park or drive on vacant dirt lots or unpaved roads, and may install fencing and driveway barricades to keep vehicles off unpaved areas.  Property owners may also post "No Trespassing" signs to prevent unauthorized use of the unpaved areas of their property.  Special Event parking requires the city to approve stabilization measures on any unpaved surface.


Parking on City Streets

The city will enforce parking when a vehicle is parked in the opposing direction of traffic, when the vehicle is parked more than eighteen inches (18") from the curb, when a vehicle is parked in a no-parking zone, or when a car is parked on the sidewalk.

Parking a licensed vehicle on city streets is not a City code violation, however, many of our subdivisions have Homeowner's Association (HOA) Covenants, Codes & Restrictions (CC & R's) prohibiting on-street parking which are enforced by the HOA.

Abandoned and/or Inoperable Vehicles

Vehicles that are inoperable and/or abandoned for more than 72 hours must be parked in an enclosed garage or a paved area behind a fence and not visible from public property.

Commercial Vehicles (Over 2 Tons)

Parking of any commercial vehicle of 2 Ton capacity or greater in a residential district of Goodyear is prohibited by City Code.


To report a parking violation, please contact the Code Compliance Division at 623-882-7815.