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Container Rules

Trash must be bagged and placed in City containers and may be placed after 6 p.m. the day before regular collection and must be removed by 6 a.m. the day after collection. Keep trash and recycling in City containers with the lids closed, out of view of the street. For more information, visit Trash Dos & Don'ts or contact the Sanitation Department at 623-932-3010.

Property Maintenance

The City cannot force any person owning, leasing or otherwise having control of the property to landscape their property. The City does not intervene in aesthetics or landscaping appearances. However, properties must be maintained and free of uncontrolled vegetation. Any person owning or occupying any building or property is required to remove all trash, weeds, refuse or accumulation of filth or debris from the property. Landscaping and irrigation systems must also be maintained.

To report a violation, complete a Service Request Form or contact Code Compliance Office at 623-882-7815. Due to difficulty in locating property owners, violations on vacant and foreclosed homes may take months or longer to resolve.