Water Flow

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Let's Protect Our Streets!

Water is not to escape or flow within the right-of-way from sprinklers, pools, or irrigation. This wastes water, can create hazardous conditions, and cause damage to streets. It is unlawful to willfully or negligently permit or cause the escape of a flow of water in such a quantity as to cause flooding, to impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic or cause damage to the public streets of the City.

Backwashing your pool or letting your sprinklers spray excessively into the streets damages our public rights-of-way. By keeping street repairs to a minimum, the City saves money. By not over watering your landscaping, you can conserve water.

To protect scarce water resources, the City passed a Water Waste Ordinance making it illegal to let hundreds of gallons run down the street or into someone else's property. Some of the following water waster violations cited by Code Compliance include:

  • Water running uncontrolled from any faucet/outlet (indoor or outdoor)
  • Water pooling greater than 150 feet in area off your property
  • Water that disrupts pedestrian or motorized traffic
  • Misdirected emitters spraying more than 10% on public property or rights-of-way
  • Water discharges more than ¼ inch into gutters, drains, or ditches

Storm runoff and water used for fire or other emergency responses, repairs, or testing and construction by the City and other local water providers are not considered water waste.

To report any water waste violation, contact Public Works Department at 623-932-3010 or complete a Service Request Form.