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Following Rules about Signs

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Including Garage & Yard Sales

Keep Goodyear Beautiful

Goodyear City Codes exist to keep our neighborhoods in top standards so we can keep property values high in Goodyear. Many of these codes pertain to signs you often see along arterial streets or in neighborhoods – most of which are illegal. 

For a complete list of sign rules, please read Article 7 of the Zoning Ordinance.  

Temporary Signs

Temporary signs cannot be on City sidewalks or within the public rights-of-way. Signs can only be up between sunrise and sunset and must be removed daily prior to sunset. The following signs are prohibited:

  • Off-site signs (any advertising sign located off the property)
  • Vehicle signs or signs mounted or painted on trailers, boats, or vehicles which are parked for display
  • Signs attached to utility poles, street lights, traffic signals, trees, fences, fire hydrants, bridges, park benches or other public property
  • Portable or temporary sign which advertises a business, commodity, service, entertainment, etc.

Temporary signs do require a permit:

  1. Download the Temporary Sign Permit Application Form
  2. Submit the form in person at  14455 W. Van Buren Street, D101, Goodyear, AZ 85338

Bandit Signs


Bandit signs are portable signs and/or temporary signs which advertise a business or commodity.

These illegal signs posted in the right-of-way, on utility poles, light poles, medians, trees, lawns, parkways and on other public property clutter our roadways and provide a blighting influence to our neighborhoods. These illegal signs are normally found clustered at busy intersections and along main thoroughfares.

To report illegal signs, call (623) 882-7815.

Garage and Yard Sales

Goodyear only allows garage/yard sales four (4) times a year per household. If you want to put up signs for your garage/yard sale, the requirements are: 

  1. Garage/yard sale signs shall not exceed six square feet.
  2. Such signs shall not be up longer than three days.
  3. Signs may not be located upon City sidewalks or within the public rights-of-way. If they are, they are subject to confiscation by the City. Signs may only be on private property.
  4. Signs may be placed, in the permitted areas, only between sunrise and sunset.  Signs shall be removed daily prior to sunset, or they shall be subject to confiscation by the City.

The garage/yard sale sign should be just that, a sign. It should be on a stick. Paper signs attached to telephone poles or utility poles, street signs, etc. and cardboard boxes are considered trash, not signs, and will be removed.