Reporting Violations

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The Division of Code Compliance investigates possible City Code violations after receiving a complaint from a resident. To report a violation, please visit our Report a Problem page or call 623-882-7815. When reports of suspected code violations are given to Code Compliance staff who will then open a case and investigate the code violation.

The behind-the-scenes activities of the Division are usually not observable. Understanding the legal processes the Code Compliance Division follows will help you understand the time it takes to resolve issues.


Code Compliance Officers investigate all reports. If the officer finds violations, the property owner is issued a notice to bring his or her property into compliance. Citizens in violation of a City Code often voluntarily bring their property into compliance when they are made aware that there is a problem.  Most people want to do the right thing.

Unfortunately, not all citizens immediately respond when alerted to a violation on their property.  Voluntary compliance can be a matter of money, health or time.  Involuntary compliance is sometimes a matter of legal persuasion.  It is the goal of Code Compliance that every citizen in Goodyear voluntarily complies with the codes.

A Time to Comply

The practice of due process is designed to protect the rights of all citizens by allowing property owners in similar situations an equal amount of time to bring their properties into compliance.  The amount of time allowed depends on the violation. Typically, time frames run from 10 to 30 days.  Violations that are deemed an immediate threat to public health and human safety will require quicker resolution.

Then What?

When a property owner fails to voluntarily bring his or her property into compliance during the time granted, Code Compliance may issue a Final Notice. This notice will allow additional time in which to comply.

Summons To Appear

When a property owner has failed to comply after all written notices, during the time granted, Code Compliance may issue a civil citation. This citation is a summons to appear in court.  In court, the property owner is given a chance to plea and/or present his or her case.  The court then has the power to impose a fine and order the violation corrected.

Visit our Report a Problem page or visit one of the most common violations (on the left column) for more information.