Planned Area Development (PAD)

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Planned Area Development (PAD)

The Planned Area Development (PAD) zoning district is intended to accommodate, encourage and promote developments with innovative design involving residential and nonresidential land uses, which together form an attractive, harmonious unit in the community. The planned development, if so specified at the time of zoning approval, may include standards or criteria that differ from those regulations pertaining to other zoning districts (including deviations from the development standards prescribed for the district) when warranted by circumstances such as but not limited to: alternative residential lot design, innovative architectural or subdivision design features, retirement housing, in-fill development involving a small or irregularly shaped parcel, or other circumstances found by the City through the PAD approval to merit departure from the regulations pertaining to other districts.

The Zoning Ordinance sets forth the following objectives for a Planned Area Development (PAD):

  • to accommodate variations in building design, lot arrangements and land uses for a maximum choice in the types of environments for residential, commercial, industrial uses and facilities;
  • to provide for a coordinated and compatibly arranged variety of land uses -- with efficient and safe traffic circulation, including the separation of pedestrian from vehicular traffic -- through innovative site planning;
  • to maintain quality of living excellence with the provision of usable open space standards to minimize adverse environmental impact on surrounding areas; and to assist in fulfilling the goals, objectives and policies of the City of Goodyear General Plan and amendments thereto. 


PebbleCreek Phase II Final Planned Area Development

The above are electronic copies of PAD documents. They are not meant to serve as official records. If you need an official record, please submit a public records request. If you need a zoning verification letter or more information regarding the zoning of a property, please contact the Planning and Zoning Division at 623-932-3005.

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