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AutoCAD Standards

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This page contains the City of Goodyear's AutoCAD Layer Standards for site plans, plat maps, construction drawings and as-builts for digital submittals.


The purpose for these standards are to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the development review process by providing information in a digital format which allows for seamless integration in the City's Geographic Information System (G.I.S.).

Below are the digital layer standards and AutoCAD templates for your use.

Your comments and concerns are anticipated. Please send an e-mail to


Standards Layer Template   (AutoCAD. dwg with layer names and symbols already set up for your use)

City Base Map Drawing    (The City of Goodyear base map for your AutoCAD Xref)

AutoCAD Formatting Guidelines    (AutoCAD file format guidelines)

Maricopa County Survey Control (GDACS)    (Used to augment your survey control)