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Lucero #1 - Special Assessment

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Lucero #1 Special Assessment Area Map 

The Estrella Mountain Ranch Community Facilities District (EMRCFD) issued special assessment lien bonds in 2019 for the Lucero #1 Special Assessment District (LD#1) for improvements specifically benefiting property in LD#1.  The special assessment lien bonds are payable solely from amounts collected from the special assessments.  The assessment is a first lien on the property assessed, subject only to general property taxes and prior special assessments.

The LD#1 special assessment is billed and payment collected through the normal Maricopa County property tax process. The LD#1 special assessment will appear as "Assessment - Lucero #1" in the special districts section of your property tax statement.

The special assessment lien can be prepaid at anytime and a payment amortization schedule is available upon request.  You can request a payoff quote or payment schedule using our online form.