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Instructions & Process

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Customer Instructions

How to request a Temporary Construction Water Meter

Complete the Construction Water Meter Request Form and Agreement on our website.

The Temporary meter process involves approvals from 4 different divisions within the City of Goodyear.

  1. The Inspection Division
  2. The Water Production Division
  3. The Water Distribution Division and
  4. The Customer Service Division

Divisions 1 – 3 will EACH review your request for a Temporary Hydrant Meter and will notify you by email whether your request has been approved or denied.  Notification will then be sent to the next approver. 

When it reaches the Customer Service division, we will contact you by phone to obtain the payment information and the required employer identification number and/or social security number.  We accept cash, check or credit card. If payment is being made by check or cash, the funds must be received before the account will be activated.

Customer Service division will send an email notification to you stating the account has been activated.

Customer Service Division will create a work order request for Water Distribution to install your meter.

Water Distribution will contact you via telephone with an install date. 

Please note:  Customer is responsible to provide their own backflow certification prior to use and within 24 hours of install. 

Email backflow certifications to