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New Utility Billing System

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The city of Goodyear Finance team implemented a new and improved Utility Billing system that offers customers the convenience and flexibility to manage their accounts online. Some of the enhanced features include a comprehensive Account Summary; the option to link several accounts under one email/user ID; the option to submit a Change of Address form; and the option to set Bill Delivery Preferences.  

Customers may need to enroll in the new system and/or provide information again. Please note, all auto pay credit card transactions in the current system will be discontinued after the transition.

The city of Goodyear has sent emails to all of its customers registered in Click2Gov with instructions on how to enroll in the new Citizen Self Service (CSS) module. Customers who are currently enrolled in the credit card auto pay will receive a separate email with instructions for setting up Credit Card auto pay in the new system. You must register in the new system in order for your March bill to draft from your credit or debit card.

Please watch the instructional video below for assistance in registering in the new system.

If you are still having problems registering or for other questions, please contact customer service at 623-882-7887.

What do I need to do: 

To avoid long wait times on the phone read the detailed instructions.

• Customers who currently auto pay via credit/debit card will have to enroll in the new system. Click here for detailed instructions on how to register and set up auto pay using a credit or debit card.

Enrollment for auto pay via credit/debit card must be completed between Feb 15th and Feb 24th, 2019. If you do not enroll by February 24th, 2019 you will need to make a manual payment.

CSS (Citizen Self Service) will not be available until 2/25/2019

• Customers who are registered in Click2Gov will have to enroll in the new system after 2/25/19 to continue to view and pay your bill online – Click here for instructions on how to register in Citizen Self Service (CSS).

• Customers who currently auto pay via a checking account (Surepay) require no action, however you can go in and register after 2/25/19 in CSS.

Registration for credit/debit autopay customers will need to be completed by the following dates to process payment on their due date: 

Cycle 1 - register by 03/19 to process payment on 03/20
Cycle 2 - register by 03/03 to process payment on 03/04
Cycle 3 - register by 03/10 to process payment on 03/11
Cycle 4 - register by 03/17 to process payment on 03/17
Cycle 5 - register by 02/24 to process payment on 02/25