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Michael Smith comes to us after 43 years in the steel business in Gary, Indiana. As a former semi-pro ball player with a heart for the game and a real affection for sharing with other fans, Michael knew immediately when he saw Goodyear Ballpark in 2010 where he wanted to spend his time in the spring.

His volunteer work as an usher has made him a favorite with fellow volunteers, players and fans alike. He can be seen showing citizens to their seats, recommending the tastiest ballpark treats, or trading stats with fellow enthusiasts of the game. His love of the sport is positively contagious.

Next time you are at the ballpark, look for Michael and thank him for his military service (a Purple Heart recipient) and have a little chat about baseball. You will come away with a smile and leave the park remembering why Goodyear is such a great place to live.


October/November 2013

Captain Ray Garcia from the Phoenix Fire Department has been a volunteer with the Goodyear Fire Department Community Education Program since September of 2010. Ray can been found working in local schools teaching fire, transportation, and water safety. He is anxious to share with children all aspects of life safety. Ray uses teaching strategies that are not only fun, but provide long-lasting lifesaving skills. 

Captain Ray Garcia Captain Ray Garcia


November 2012

Evelyn Howell is one of the City of Goodyear’s busiest volunteers. Evelyn has been a volunteer since April, 2011 and has been a driving force in spearheading programs and activities within the City’s Volunteer Program. Her efforts include coordinating the Adopt-A-Street program, planning this year’s Make A Difference Day on Oct. 27, created the new Volunteer Program page on goodyearaz.gov, regularly creates and updates pages on the City’s website, created a volunteer survey to learn about volunteers’ experiences, and she has conducted video interviews of selected volunteers for the “Chat with Evelyn” video seen at the 2012 Volunteer Appreciation Event.

Evelyn Howell Evelyn Howell

March 2012

Alex Kohli has served on the Goodyear Arts and Culture Commission as a charter member since 2007, and currently chairs the organization. An Emmy Award-winning animator, Kohli holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Filmmaking and owns Kohli Marketing Design, which provides animation, print, packaging, and branding services. Alex brings his expertise to projects that have greatly benefited the City, including serving on the artist selection panel for Goodyear Park and Ride, animating the logo for the City’s Leading Edge video, designing a poster illustrating public art, and working with a local elementary school on art projects. He lives with his family in Estrella, where he embraces the novelty of his comparatively new neighborhood. Kohli began volunteering soon after moving to Goodyear in 2004. He has lived in eight other states, all of which had narratives of their own long before he arrived. “Goodyear is so young and diverse,” Kohli said. “It’s exciting to be part of discovering this City’s story and personality. I’m enjoying watching Goodyear grow into itself.” To learn more about Kohli’s design work, visit www.kohlidesign.com.

Alex Kohli 

Alex Kohli


September 2011

Goodyear volunteer Karl Weber was born in Karlsruhe, Germany, and grew up in Chicago. After retiring as Master Sergeant from a 20-year career in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, this Vietnam veteran went to work for Illinois Bell for 31 years. Again retired, Weber volunteered for ambulance services, became an EMT/Paramedic, and won the Humanitarian Award. Weber moved to Arizona in 2000, became a real estate broker, and started his own business. He became a Goodyear volunteer in 2009 with the Police Department. He has logged nearly 900 volunteer hours in the investigations unit, as a fingerprinting specialist, and now as Co-Patrol Manager for Volunteers in Police Service, VIPS. Weber’s hobbies include gold prospecting, and he is VP of the Roadrunners Prospector’s Club. Weber has seven grandchildren.

Karl Weber  

Karl Weber

April/May 2011

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped to make Spring Training 2011 a success! 6,500 volunteer hours saved approximately $135,525 for the City. 216 volunteers, many of them returning from last year, come from all over the U.S. and Canada. “The volunteer support we receive is tremendous. The volunteers are great ambassadors not only for the Ballpark, but the City as a whole. They ensure that all guests have a great and memorable experience.” - Ballpark Manager Nathan Torres.

Spring Training 1 Just a few of the many volunteers who help during Spring Training.


October/November 2010

Teresa Wolf became the Volunteer Coordinator for the Goodyear Police Department in March 2010. Some of her duties include administrative work, patrolling, and helping to locate missing children. She became involved with the VIPS (Volunteers In Police Service) program after meeting Goodyear Police Officer Adam Tellez at a G.A.I.N. event a few years ago. The following year, Wolf became a Neighborhood Block Watch captain. She went on to graduate from the Goodyear Citizens Police Academy and has been with the VIPS program since 2009. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Goodyear Police Officers Association Charity Foundation.

Growing up, Wolf came to understand that officers put their lives on the line every day to protect the public. Her father retired as Chief of Police in Osage City, Kansas. As a VIPS volunteer, Wolf found a way to give back to her community. Wolf and her husband have been married for 27 years, have two children, and moved to Goodyear in 2007 from Nebraska where they were foster parents for seven years. Until 2008, her favorite hobby was racing stock cars and late models, a family activity that began in 1995 and gave everyone a chance to spend quality time together.

Teresa Wolf  


Teresa Wolf

June/July 2010

Many volunteers dedicate their time and talents to help keep the City’s Finance Department running smoothly and responsively. As many as eight different volunteers have contributed more than 1,800 hours in the areas of accounting, utilities, mailroom and copy center, and covering the reception desk in the lobby of City Hall. They organize utility payments, close out service on certain programs, work on customer service lists, and update files. Special thanks go to Charlotte Glaz, who began volunteering for the City in March 2008. Goodyear is also grateful to the many other volunteers currently involved with the Finance Department, including Vonda Alexander, Bill Beal, Megan Berry, Sharine Kirk, Barbara Missaggia, Nick Mirza, and Myung Oh.


March/April 2010

When crisis strikes and communications fail, the Goodyear EOC Emergency Radio Operators go into action. These amateur radio operators came together in 2005 with Emergency Coordinator Tim Newbill and former Goodyear volunteer Jack Yarger W7ADZ. Using frequencies under special Federal Communications Commission license, they use Morse code, digital e-mail via radio waves, and voice connections to communicate with county, state and federal emergency centers when land lines and telephone connections fail during an emergency. Cooperating with the Tri City Amateur Radio Association and the volunteer radio operators, Goodyear put an amateur radio repeater on the White Tank Mountains, providing coverage from Quartzsite to Mobile and Black Canyon City.

We thank Goodyear EOC Amateur Radio Operators volunteers Ron Lundeen K0KWN, Gene Melton AK9N, Carol Melton AK7N, Herb Ash K7ARR, Stephen Van Herpen KE7GRL, Terri Van Herpen KE7HMW, Arnold Knack KA7AOK, Robert Sheets KI0LA, Guy Hoidahl N9RVA, and Robert Marshall W7GFD.

EOC Amateur Radio Ops 


From left to right:

Stephen Van Herpen KE7GRL, Robert Marshall W7GDF, Gene Melton AK9N working through drills during an exercise.