The City Prosecutor handles all criminal cases filed in the Goodyear Municipal Court, and represents the City of Goodyear in the prosecution of criminal misdemeanors, Goodyear City Code violations and civil traffic cases, including DUI, which occur within the City of Goodyear.  In addition, we represent the City in all city misdemeanor criminal appeals, special actions, petitions for reviews and competence hearings filed in the Maricopa County Superior Court, Arizona Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.  

The office provides assistance to crime victims by providing them with information concerning their rights, the criminal justice system, community assistance programs and future court proceedings.

The Prosecutor’s office is a division of the Legal Services Department.  Although we are located in the same building as the Municipal Court, we are not a part of the Court, which serves as the judicial branch of the Goodyear municipal government and is subject to the administrative authority of the Maricopa County Superior Court and the Arizona Supreme Court. 

DUI Minimum Penalty Facts: 

Blood alcohol level of .20 or more = 45 days in jail, fines and ignition interlock

Blood alcohol level of .15 to .1999  = 30 days in jail, fines and ignition interlock 

Blood alcohol level of 0.08 to .1499 = 10 days in jail, fines and ignition interlock