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Legal Information and Assistance

Fraud issues including complex white collar financial crimes, Medicare and Social Security fraud, employee embezzlement, counterfeit merchandise, elder financial exploitation and trafficking in stolen identities. 
To find out more about the County Attorney’s Office in Maricopa County you may visit the Maricopa County Attorney’s Homepage.

Fraud & Identity Theft   
Bad Check Restitution Program    
Victim's Services  602-506-4955 
Fraud/Consumer Protection Issues   
Arizona Attorney General         602-542-5025     
Arizona Attorney General Consumer Fraud 602-542-3702 
Arizona Corporation Commission     602-542-3076  
Arizona Department of Revenue        602-542-2076 
Arizona Registrar of Contractors  602-542-1525 
Better Business Bureau 602-264-1721 
Maricopa County Assessor's Office 602-506-3406 
Maricopa County Attorney's Office 602-506-3411  
Maricopa County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service 602-257-4434 
Maricopa County Law Library 602-506-3461 
Maricopa County Recorder 602-506-3545 
Maricopa County Sheriff 602-876-1000  
Maricopa County Treasurer's Office 602-506-7684  
Maricopa County Superior Court 602-506-8511   
Arizona Secretary of State, Information 602-542-4285  
State Bar of Arizona 602-271-4930