Starting May 11, the city will reopen under Phase 1 of its reopening guidelines. City buildings and certain parks amenities will be open while following safety guidelines. Click HERE for details.

Pump Track

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pumptracklayoutPlease see Pump Track Layout Sign above for current course configuration. 

The Beginner Course  - Renovation Complete!  A new Beginner Course was created in a new location, while the existing Beginner Course will be removed in order to expand the Intermediate Course - see above pictures for before and after. 

The Intermediate Course - Remodel anticipated to begin towards the end of October with an opening planned for the week of January 16.

A majority of the work is being performed by volunteers over extended weekends, under the direction Jonathan Medeiros.  Thank you Jonathan and all the volunteers for this improvement to the Estrella Foothills Pump Track.  

Please be respectful of the construction process and mindful of temporary fencing and posted signage.

Located at Foothills Community Park, 12795 S. Estrella Parkway, open daily from sunrise to sunset.

For more information, see below or contact the Goodyear Recreation Office 623-882-7525.

 Check out the Pump Track's recent feature on the CBS 5 Morning show!

This amenity is provided for the enjoyment of residents and guests who seek to engage in a family-friendly biking activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle. As with most recreational activities, there is inherent danger involved with participation. Observing the following rules will help promote a safe recreation environment for all users of the facility.


  • This is a non-supervised, ride at your own risk facility. The City of Goodyear does not assume responsibilities for injuries.
  • The use of protective equipment such as a helmet, elbow, knee, wrist and other protective equipment gear is strongly recommended.
  • Helmets are required to wear while riding the Pump Track.
  • This facility is intended for non-motorized bicycles only; use by dirt bikes, four-wheelers, and other motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited.
  • Be aware of others within the facility & always ride within your skill level.
  • Profanity, abusive language, graffiti, tagging, stickers, littering, weapons, fighting, alcohol, drugs and tobacco products are prohibited in the park.
  • Altering of the riding surface by users is strictly prohibited. Unsafe conditions are to be promptly reported to the Goodyear Parks & Recreation Department 623-882-7525.
  • For emergencies call-911, non-emergencies call Goodyear Police 623-932-1220.
  • Unsafe conditions resulting from inclement weather or routine maintenance may temporarily close the facility.
  • No pets are allowed in any portion of the facility.
  • Amplified music is strictly prohibited.
  • No glass containers allowed.
  • Do your part to help keep this facility neat & clean.  Always pick up after yourself and encourage others to do the same.
  • Think SAFETY and enjoy this facility responsibly.

Smoke Free Parks
All parks in the city of Goodyear are now smoke-free environments, providing park visitors with healthier, more pleasant environments for recreation and relaxation, as well as reducing litter and cleanup costs. Designated areas for smokers are offered in parking lot areas.