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Professional Standards Unit

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Professional Standards Unit

The Goodyear Police Department is committed to providing quality law enforcement to the City of Goodyear. One of the ways the Department honors this commitment is by adhering to a high level of professionalism, while carrying out our duties in an objective manner.

The Professional Standards Unit ensures the Department remains true to this commitment so that the trust and cooperation of the public we serve is not lost. The Professional Standards Unit processes citizen complaints as well as citizen compliments. In addition, it oversees internal investigations into alleged staff misconduct and violations of policy and procedures. Finally, Professional Standards facilitates and/or conducts departmental audits and inspections when appropriate.

To fulfill its mission and promote respect and trust within the Department and the community, the Department strives to promote a culture of public accountability, individual responsibility and the maintenance of the highest standards of professionalism.

To ensure and promote the integrity of the Department, allegations of misconduct will be investigated in a thorough, fair and expeditious manner by the Professional Standards Unit.

The Professional Standards Unit functions under the authority of the Chief of Police and reviews and/or investigates both internal and external complaints.

The goal of the Professional Standards Unit is to ensure that the integrity of the Department is maintained through a system of internal investigations and discipline which are fair, thorough, timely and in accordance with accepted department and City policies and procedures.