Due to an executive order issued by Governor Doug Ducey, a statewide curfew goes into effect on May 31 - June 8 from 8 p.m-5 a.m each day. Click HERE to more.


The Community Services Unit was designed with the intention of reducing the likelihood of citizens becoming victims of crime by forming partnerships with the community and offering community‐oriented policing practices.

One of the primary goals of the Community Services Unit is to encourage greater participation in community policing and problem‐solving projects in order to:

  • Improve police and community relations and awareness
  • Participate in training that supports the Department’s philosophy of community policing
  • Enhance communication between officers and community/neighborhood groups

An important part of the Community Services Unit, the Neighborhood Block Watch program helps neighbors get to know one another and helps keep neighborhoods safe. This program helps neighbors take an active role in crime prevention and community development. The community learns how to maintain the neighborhood so that visitors know that the residents care about what happens there. When there is a sense of community, as the Neighborhood Watch signs say, "Suspicious activities will be reported to the Police." Neighborhood Watch typically begins with an organizational meeting in the home of a neighborhood sponsor.