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Reverse 911 for Cell Phones

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Reverse 911 Now Available for Cell Phones

Be notified of a disaster in your neighborhood while at work, on vacation, or anywhere via your cell phone!

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Until today, there was no way for the City to notify cell phone users of emergency issues in their neighborhood that require residents to take some sort of action (evacuate, shelter in place, lock doors/windows, etc). It is now possible, via a Reverse 911 tool available from MAG and the Community Emergency Notification System (CENS) provider, for residents to register their cell phone numbers (up to three devices per email address) with the system, linking them to their home address.

Once registered, any time an emergency notification is made in an area that includes their home address, the registered cell phones will also receive the message, regardless of where the cell phone user is at that time. Residents could also register to receive notifications near your work or business, as long as they use a separate email account. This is a great benefit to those homes that do not have any sort of land line and rely solely on cellular phones, or for families where the parents are away from the home at work all day but still want to be made aware of any emergency in their neighborhood that warranted a CENS notification.


reverse 911In order to accomplish this, the resident would register their cell phones with the system by clicking. Within 24 hours, a confirmation email is sent to the email address provided by the resident with instructions to complete the activation process. Once completed, that number would become active on the list of potential numbers to be called. It is completely up to the resident to register, de-register, or change cellular numbers associated with their home address.

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