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FAQs - Impounded Vehicles

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • I am out of the state, or out of the country, and cannot return to get the vehicle out. May I use a Power of Attorney after the 30 days has expired so someone else can get the vehicle for me?

  • What if the 30 days has expired and I own the car but my driver's license is not valid?

  • At the end of the 30-days, can I just go to the towing company and get my vehicle?

  • What will happen if I cannot claim my vehicle?

  • My car was involved in a collision and, due to damage, it is not drivable. Does it still have to have a valid registration before the police can release it?

  • Can I allow someone else to get my vehicle out of impound BEFORE the 30 days has expired?

  • What if I own the vehicle but have not yet transferred the title into my name?

  • If I transfer ownership or add a new person or company onto the registration, can they get the car out early?

  • What if someone other than the owner was driving the vehicle when it was impounded?

  • How much will it cost to get my vehicle back?

  • For how long will my vehicle be impounded?