Due to an executive order issued by Governor Doug Ducey, a statewide curfew goes into effect on May 31 - June 8 from 8 p.m-5 a.m each day. Click HERE to more.

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The Traffic Unit is led by a sergeant, five officers and traffic impound specialist. Three of the officers work in specially designed aggressive driver vehicles to blend in with traffic, and two officers utilize police motorcycles. All Officers in the unit are highly trained in their craft and several are Drug Recognition Experts (DRE), who seek‐out drivers impaired by not only alcohol, but seven additional categories of drugs.

The goal of the Goodyear Police Department’s Traffic Unit is to reduce the incidence of traffic fatalities, injuries and property damage as well as the high cost to residents resulting from traffic collisions caused by aggressive driving, speeding, and impairment. The Unit provides education, public awareness and aggressive enforcement to reduce the occurrence of these types of motor vehicle collisions.

The Goodyear Traffic Unit receives grants from GOHS (Governor’s Office of Highway Safety) for DUI enforcement, Click-it or Ticket “Buckle-Up AZ” and Work Zone Enforcement. In addition, Goodyear Police have received DUI Abatement grants and a grant for an unmarked Traffic Unit Tahoe. The Goodyear Traffic Unit works in close partnership with GOHS and other law enforcement agencies to host or co-host at least 4 DUI taskforces each year.

The Goodyear Traffic Unit has two radar trailers which provide an additional tool used to educate the public about vehicle speeds. These traffic trailers also allow us to collect data for more efficient and focused enforcement.

The Traffic Unit uses specialty collision diagramming equipment, allowing for the more efficient investigation of motor vehicle collisions. This benefits everyone, allowing roads to be re-opened quicker, reducing the impact to motorists.

In addition, the Traffic Unit assists in many community and special events and programs.