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Meter Request Form

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Meter Request Form

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Please allow seven (7) business days after the permit and meter fees have been collected by Building Safety before submitting your meter installation request. This allows time for the account information to be entered into the Financial System and a Service Order to be generated.  If a request is received prior to the seven (7) business days and a service order is not in the computer system, it will be necessary to resubmit a meter request once the seven (7) business days expire and a service order is in the system.

Once we have received a completed meter request and have verified that a service order has been generated, Public Works will have an additional seven (7) business days to complete the meter installation.  Meters will only be installed if all the requirements have been met. 

If an attempt is made to install a meter, but due to circumstances beyond the City’s control, the meter cannot be installed, a pink flag will be left on the lot and Public Works will make contact to explain the corrections that are needed.  The customer must make any necessary repairs and resubmit this form when ready for install.  When contact is received, Public Works will have seven (7) more business days to install the meter.

** If Public Works attempts to install a meter and the lot is not ready, there will be an $85 field visit charge after the second attempt to install.  (Res 15-1718, passed 10-26-2015)

Builder Information:
Builder Information: