Due to an executive order issued by Governor Doug Ducey, a statewide curfew goes into effect on May 31 - June 8 from 8 p.m-5 a.m each day. Click HERE to more.

Curtailment FAQs

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  1. What might cause a curtailment?

    Any natural or human-caused events that bring our demand for water very close to our supply may trigger the need to curtail (reduce) our water use until supplies are increased or conditions that make it hard to deliver water are corrected. For example, monsoon storms and power outages, earthquakes or other events that break mains, failure of several pumps, contamination of water supplies, or a sudden increase in demand while repairs are underway might bring demand close to available supplies.

  1. How can I see how our demand for water and supply are changing?

    Look at the Water Use Report on the Water Conservation page of our website. The available supply and the demand as a percent of the supply are posted on Tuesdays. The color of that text and chart will let you know how well we are dong. Blue indicates we are not in Curtailment. Water Use Report

  1. What else can I do to reduce water use?

    Look at the Outdoor Water Use and Seasonal Tips for things you can do now and in the future to reduce water use. Use other pages in Water Conservation to find more resources for saving water. Find more information at Water-Use it Wisely

  1. Is any water use exempt from these restrictions?

    Yes, these vital uses and non-potable water sources are exempt.


    • Users of reclaimed, remediated or other non-potable sources of water are required to post that these are the sources of water
    • Uses to maintain health, welfare and safety of water customers of the City of Goodyear
    • Hospitals, medical offices, and clinics
    • Immediate fire, hazardous waste or sanitation hazards
    • Construction of projects essential to maintain health, safety and welfare of the public
    • Goodyear Sports Complex may be exempted until Stage 3
    • Goodyear Ballpark may be exempted until Stage 4

    Users of reclaimed, remediated or other non-potable sources of water are required to post that these are the sources of water.

  1. What happens if a curtailment situation continues or gets worse?

    If reductions at any Stage fail to reach the goal in a specified number of days, we will escalate to the next Stage, with additional mandatory restrictions. The City's water staff will continue their efforts to restore supplies and deliveries as quickly as possible. View Curtailment Status

  1. How does the City enforce restrictions?

    City staff will issue an educational notice when they see violations of restrictions while out on City streets and when responding to reports of violations. If the conditions are not corrected in a timely fashion (proportional to violation and severity of shortage), staff may issue a warning notice and/or a citation or misdemeanor charges. Water Waste and Water Theft ordinances continue to be enforced as well.

    Call 623-932-3010 to report a violation if it is not corrected when you bring it to the attention of the resident or business. Water Waste Ordinance

  1. How will we know the curtailment is over?

    When conditions improve enough, the City Manager will declare that the curtailment is at an end. The City will publish this information as well as post it on our website.