Embrace the Desert

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The Sonoran Desert is a vibrant landscape, bustling with life. The desert gives us beautiful plants and animals and a beautiful place to call home. Though receiving, on average, eight inches of rainfall a year, the desert has evolved to provide not only for millions of humans but also is home to over 2,000 native plant species, and over 350 bird species, 100 reptile species, 20 amphibian species, 30 native fish species, and over a 1,000 native bee species. The desert is beautiful, resourceful, and resilient, by embracing the desert, we can create a lifestyle that reflects these qualities too.

 How do I embrace the desert?

1. Recognize water as a precious resource and use it wisely.

2. Plant desert species to create an attractive, low water use landscape that you, your family, and animals will enjoy. Harvest rainwater by directing runoff to basins around your plants or by collecting it in a rain barrel. For inspiration, check out the Drab to Fab video series where you can see how to transform a drab yard into a fabulous desert oasis. 

3. Be smart about the heat and learn the benefits of shade trees for cooling.

Enjoy a walk around your neighborhood and learn how to identify some stunning desert plants by playing Embrace the Desert BINGO! <-- Printable PDF with the plant names. We would love to see your desert plant photos, feel free to share them at savewater@goodyearaz.gov, and let us know if you got BINGO!

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