Free Water Estimates

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The City of Goodyear is offering new services to help residents save water and money. If interested please email we will be happy to assist you with the following services:

  1. Water usage estimate for your home: receive a customized water estimate for your home that you can use to gauge if you are using the appropriate amount of water for your household. Receive the estimate and then compare it to your actual usage.


  2. Water usage estimate for Home Owners Associations: receive a customized water estimate and report for your HOA’s landscaping to determine if your HOA is overwatering the landscape leading to higher costs to your HOA. **This request must come from the HOA President**


  3. Water usage estimate for businesses: receive a customized water estimate for your business’s landscaping to access whether or not you are overwatering. Adjusting your watering habits can save tons of water and money for your business.water estimate