Innovative Infrastructure

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DID YOU KNOW, that through innovation, strategic planning, and effective cooperation the City has saved millions of gallons of water and helped the City to be better prepared to meet current and future water demands?  Check it out!


 Ballpark practice field pondBall Park Reservoir and Remediated water Line Discharge system

 The Goodyear's ballpark receives free water from the Goodyear Tire and Rubber (GT&R) company.  As part of their efforts to clean up the aquifer GT&R has partnered with the City to put their remediated water to good use. 

Located at the east side of the ballpark along Bullard road an 8" water line delivers remediated water to a pond to irrigate the practice fields.  This saves the ballpark from purchasing or replenishing 81 million gallons a year.   It's a win win for everyone!




Computers and computer software programs are all around us and are very powerful tools.  There isn't a day in which our lives are not somehow touched by them.  Their utilization can be very beneficial in day to day tasks, but also for specialized uses such as water management.    

This past year the City of Goodyear worked with a local HOA to help better understand and manage their water consumption.  Free water tracking software was provided to the HOA as a pilot at the start of 2018.  The HOA saved 5.58% or 2.8 million gallons of water in a year.  The City plans to reach out to other HOA's within Goodyear and offer the use of the software.  Other local municipalities are utilizing the software in Arizona with great success in better water management.   



Water Dist Management


Typically, customers are not notified of high water consumption until approximately 30 days after an issue may have started based on billing cycles.  AMI technology can identify issues in real-time through its constant meter-monitoring done hourly.  Potential issues are identified and sent to the customer or utility for investigation and addressed within a very short timeframe.  Further study of the AMI pilot program will determine just how effective the technology would be for the water utility and determine if future expansion of this AMI technology should occur City-wide. 

Arizona Water Professionals

 Did you know there are men and women employed by the City of Goodyear who work hard each day to ensure you don't have to worry about the safety of your water?  Read more about them here.