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Stop Water Waste

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To protect scarce water resources, the City passed a Water Waste Ordinance in August 2007 that included making it illegal to let hundreds of gallons run down the street or into someone else’s property. We want you to be aware of some of the most common violations that occur so that you won’t be cited by Code Compliance for wasting water.

image001What is waste?

  • Water running uncontrolled from any faucet/outlet (indoor or outdoor);
  • Water pooling greater than 150 feet in area off your property;
  • Water that disrupts pedestrian or motorized traffic;
  • Misdirected emitters spraying more than 10% on public property or rights-of-way;
  • Water discharges more than ¼ inch into gutters, drains, or ditches.

Storm runoff and water used for fire or other emergency responses, repairs, or testing and construction by the City and other local water providers are not water waste.

What to do if you see water being wasted

As with any other possible code violation, please be a good neighbor. Ask your neighbors if they realize that water is being wasted and ask them to stop.

If the water continues to run or is running on City property, call 623-932-3010. Be prepared to share address where waste is seen and owner name if known, source of water, and type of waste.

Code compliance or water conservation staff will document the waste and provide education to the owner or responsible party. A written notice of violation and/or citation may be issued if the waste continues.