The goal of Legal Services is to provide professional, timely, and cost-effective legal advice on all matters involving municipal, state, and federal law, affecting the City of Goodyear.  Legal Services encompasses the offices of the City Attorney and the City Prosecutor.

 The City Attorney is directly responsible for all legal matters, except cases pending in the Goodyear Municipal Court, which are handled by the City Prosecutor.  The City Attorney’s office represents the City, its departments, and city employees in any litigation or administrative actions involving official city business.

The City Prosecutor represents the City in the prosecution of criminal misdemeanors, City Code and civil traffic cases filed in the Goodyear Municipal Court.


The Office of the City Attorney serves as full time counsel for the City of Goodyear.  We can only provide advice to the City Council, City Manager, and city departments on official City business.  The City Attorney’s Office cannot provide legal advice or representation to private persons or businesses on either city-related or private legal matters.